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Crash Magic Hosted
Hosted client access
This is the hosted, production instance of Crash Magic. It represents the latest, tested, robust, shipping version of Crash Magic.

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Crash Magic Demo
For demonstration and training purposes
This instance of Crash Magic is used primarily for demonstrations and trial use. It often contains the latest, mostly stable, version of the program. However, this instance is subject to occasional downtime as it is frequently updated with release candidates.

Other Crash Magic instances

Crash Magic Configurations
Pd' Configuration development
The configuration instance of Crash Magic is used by those developing configurations for our clients. Like the demonstration instance, it is subject to occasional downtime as we prefer to develop and test configuration against the latest and greatest versions of the software.
Crash Magic Beta
Beta / testing version
The Beta instance is the most exciting instance we've got, but of course not for the faint of heart. This instance is fresh off the assembly line and contains everything new and cool that isn't quite ready for prime time. If you asked for something new, and we've implemented it, this is where you'll be able to come see it in action before we make it official
Crash Magic Alpha
Beta / testing version
The Alpha instance is for internal testing only. We use this instance for testing versions of Crash Magic that are still under active development. It may return incorrect data, blank reports, or any other unexpected result. Do not use this instance for decision making purposes.

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Crash Magic and Governmenttools are products of Pd' Programming

Crash Magic and Governmenttools are products of Pd' Programming


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